About Sarah

One of my favorite feelings is breaking through the noise to find clarity.

Sarah is standing in front of a pink adobe structure. She is wearing glasses, a light gray hand knit sweater, and smiling into the camera.

I believe that clarity frees up space in our lives and businesses for greater joy and ease. As a technical editor, I love to help you give your knitters a smooth user experience from start to finish. Whether it's making sure your pattern is free from errors or figuring out a way to present a tricky concept as clearly as possible, I love to do it.

Sometimes we need a friend, an outside perspective, to help us create that clarity. Consider me your on-call clarity buddy.

Learn more about my technical editing services.

A bit more about me...

  • I completed my tech editing training from the Tech Editor Hub in Fall 2022
  • I'm currently taking Julie Robinson's Pattern Grading Bootcamp
  • I spent 10 years working in the nonprofit sector for organizations focused on developing emerging leaders in global health
  • Throughout my career I have coordinated annual two-week training intensives, designed annual reports and conference programs, built out a virtual community platform built on Salesforce, streamlined processes for better user experience, and built out customized databases
  • In college I coordinated student staffing for our D-III athletics program; it was like playing sudoku with everyone's schedules, and I loved it
  • I'm currently serving on the board for the Southwest Fiber Alliance, focused on bringing together fiber producers with fiber arts enthusiasts to share knowledge, resources, and heritage

Fun tidbits...

  • My surname is pronounced like "end result" but without the "ult"
  • I was born in Memphis, and went back there for college, but spent most of my growing up years in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona
  • I've lived in big cities for most of my life (Phoenix, Chicago, NYC) but now I make my home in a small town in Colorado with a lot more trees and topo lines
  • In the summers you can find me hiking and birding, and in the winters you'll find me cross-country skiing (skate and classic!)
  • I'm a multi-potentialite and love learning new skills, over the years I've dabbled in archery, quilting, cooking, high-altitude baking, sailing, yarn dyeing, and more
  • And knitting, of course. I learned how to knit from a co-worker over lunch back in 2014, and for a long time I was content with chunky seed stitch cowls, but then a switch flipped and I fell in love with sweaters, summer tops, shawls, etc.